Laguna de Llanganuco

Duration: 7 hours driving, 1 hour at the laguna.

Distance: 5 Km

Altitude: 3850 Meters

Difficulty rating: 2/10

Description: On the way there you will stop at the old village of Yungay for a history of the 1970 earthquake. You will then drive to the laguna, arriving at the laguna in Huascaran national park, there will be time to enjoy the view of the laguna and boat on it. (5 soles).  On the way back you will stop at for lunch.

Optional: Hiking trail to see beautiful flora and trees.


Private excursion 250 soles per person. (minimum 3 people) Includes guide, private transport, and lunch.

Entrance Fee: 30 soles per person (National Park Fees)

Note: If there are more people the price gets cheaper.




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