Hiking Distance: 14 km

Duration: 4 hours total driving, 8 hours hiking

Altitude: 4850 meters

Difficulty Rating: 8/10

Description: Leaving Huaraz at 5am, 2 hours drive to the trailhead. Approximately 5 hours uphill hike with breaks to arrive at the last lake. During the 5 hours hike, there are 4 different beautiful lakes, one of which will be a lunch stop. 2.5 hours hiking downhill to reach the car. Ideal for those that are well acclimatized.


Private Excursion: 250 soles per person (minimum 3 people), includes lunch.

3-5 People: 200 soles per person.

6-14 People: 150 soles per person.

Not Included: Park Entrance Fee: 30 soles per person

Included: Meals.