Difficulty: 7/10

Duration: 11 days – 10 nights.

Best Season: April to October.

Location: Cordillera Blanca.

Average temperature: Between 13° C – 23° C during the day/ at night -03°C to – 1°C.


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Entrance Fee:

60 soles/ per person (National Park prices)

Day 01: Transfer from Huaraz at 7:00 am in private transport to the archaeological complex of Hualcayan where we expect donkeys and donkey drivers to carry our baggage. The trek starts with a switchback path to reach an altitude of 4000 meters to the Huishcash camp site. The camping has an amazing view on Cordillera Blanca. Total walk time 5-6 hours.


Day 02: The day begins at 8:00 am from Huishcash to Oso Ruri 4830 meters, we will go up Toropishtanan pass at 4850 meters, this is the highest pass of the trek, from this pass you can see the beautiful lagoons, Laguna Yanacocha, Azul Cocha, both at Nevado Santa Cruz base, then we continue to Laguna Cullicocha, wich is a fantastic viewpoint to the Nevado Santa Cruz. Total walk time 5-6 hours.


Day 03: Departure from Oso Ruri to Jancarurish 8:00 am this day we crossed the high pass of 4750 meters Alpamayo then continue east of the creek where we can observe the Nevado Pilanco, 5373 meters. Total walk time 6-7 hours.


Day 04: During this day we do a loop and sleep in the same camp. The plan is to ascend for about 3-4 hours to the Laguna Jancarurish to observe the Pyramid shape of Alpamayo Mountain, 5947 meters, from this place we have the opportunity to take photos of the mountain, considered the most beautiful mountain in the world, you can also see the Tayapampa, Jancarurush and Nevado Quitaraju mountains in all their splendor.


Day 05: The day begins at 8:00 from Jancarurish to Huillca, we will walk up to 4830 meters over Caracará pass from here we will have a fantastic view of Nevado Jancarurish, Quitaraju, and Santa Cruz, Rinrijirca. Total walk time 6-7 hours.


Day 06: The day begins at 8:00, from Huillca to Pishgopampa, we will walk up to 4600 meters over Yanacon pass where we will have the chance to see Nevado Pucajirca 6050. meters and then continue, passing the Laguna Sactaycocha and arrive at our camp site in Pishgopampa. Total walk time 6-7 hours.


Day 07: The day begins at 8:00 from Pishgopampato to Laguna Huecroncocha we will walk up to 4400 meters over Tupa Tupa, we will later cross a typical village in the Conchudos valley and chat briefly with the locals. Total walk time 6-7 hours.


Day 08: The day begins at 8:00 from Laguna Huecroncocha, we will walk over the Tuctu pass at 4200 meterswhere we see some of the most beautiful mountains of the Cordillera Blanca and Nevado Chopicallqui, Huascaran the highest mountain of Peru, and Taulliraju Huandys. Total walk time 6-7 hours.


Day 09: The day begins at 8:00 from Tuctu to Taullipampa, we will walk up to 4750 meters over the Punta Union, the most beautiful of Cordillera Blanca, from this pass we can see the whole Quebrada Santa Cruz valley and snow capped mountains Paria, Artesonraju Taulliraju Rinrijirca Quitaraju and Nevado Santa Cruz are observed, also the Lagunas Taullicocha and Jatuncocha at the foot of the Nevado Taulliraju. Total walk time 6-7 hours.


Day 10: The day begins at 8:00 from Taullipampa to Llamacorral at 3767 meters, we will walk to Alpamayo base camp and return, we hike around the valley and Santa Cruz and on the way we will have great views of Laguna Jatuncocha and Ichiccocha. Total walk time 5-6 hours.


Day 11: And for the last day, we still begin at 8:00am, this time from Llama Corral at to Cashapampa at 2900 meters. On the last day we will walk in the Santa Cruz Valley along the Rio Yuracmayu, walking for about 4-5 hours. The private bus will be waiting for us for the transfer to Huaraz and then return to lima according to your schedule. From your hotel we will transfer to the Cruz del Sur bus station, then our company staff will accompany you to Lima airport for your safety and this is where we go our seperate ways after a great adventure.

  • 3 Meals per day + 2 snacks.
  • Breakfast: omelet, pancake, fruit salad, serial, scrambled eggs… coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, butter, jam, cheese etc.…
  • Snack: fresh fruit, chocolates, crackers, cookies, sweets drinks.
  • Lunch: salads, soups, rice, chicken, coca tea.
  • Tea time: different hot drinks, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, crackers, popcorn, pizza, and Tequeños.
  • Dinner: different kind of soups, salads, main courses, pasta, chicken, trout, beef, vegetarian options available, dessert, hot wine.
  • Sleeping tent:  Salewa, Doite & King Camp (3 Persons tent, used for 2 persons)
  • Sleeping mat: Size, 200 cm X 60 cm X 5 cm
  • Kitchen tent
  • Dining tent
  • Toilet tent
  • Sleeping bag, synthetic.
  • Certificated Trekking guide (Speaks English/Spanglish)
  • Certificated cook
  • Donkeys
  • Donkey driver
  • 5 Kilos personal Luggage for the Donkeys
  • Kitchen and dining full utensils. chair, table, stove, gas, plates, caps, forks.
  • First aid kit
  • Private transport (if it’s only 3 or 4 people, we us public transport to trailhead)
  • Hot water every day in the morning to clean up your hands and face.
  • Boiled water to fill your bottle every day.
  • Entrance Fee (60.00 soles)
  • Personal trekking gear
  • First day breakfast
  • Travel accident and health insurance
  • Transfer – Airport/hotel/airport /bus station/Hotel – Lima
  • Bus ticket Huaraz/Lima
  • Travel luggage and Travel cancellation insurance
  • Not mentioned food (restaurant) and beverages
  • Personal spending
  • Emergency Horse
  • Hotel in Huaraz.
  • Tips.